Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Wednesday Afternoon Thoughts

Hey guys!

Hope you're all having a wonderful last day of November! (Why is time going by so quickly?) It's a shocking 51 degrees here at SMC, which makes it all that more strange to think that tomorrow is already December...

Anyways, as I'm sitting here watching the very last Harry Potter movie (insert sad face here) with Devan, it occurred to me that I have so many wonderfully random things to say, so why not blog about them!

Devan, Galya, me, Sara, and Clare!

#1- Google+ is fantastic!
Video chatting over break with a bunch of us at the same time? Love it! Also, St. Mike's is on Google+!
Yes, they do have the option to "put on"
mustaches. I basically died, it's just the greatest.

#2- I love love love the Christmas trees in the Quad! Tall trees might I add. 
It's starting to feel like the all we need is a little snow :)

#3- MOE'S DELIVERS!!! Oh my goodness this made my week, on Sunday night we realized that the Moe's in South Burlington can deliver to campus, so I was quick to act on that! Joey bag of donuts with tofu, yum...(to those of you who don't know, a joey bag of donuts is a burrito). Devan had never even heard of Moe's before, I was absolutely horrified by's just so good!

#4- I'm super excited that I decided to apply to be an O-leader for next fall! 
Interviews are next week, wish me luck!!! 

#5- Being back at SMC after break makes me feel incredibly lucky to be able to go to school at such a wonderful place with so many amazing people...coming back to campus feels like coming home :) ...which brings me to the best part of this of my favorite songs/what some of us like to think of as the theme song of POW3...

Don't forget- Twitter/Formspring


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