Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to: Be Creative with Your Dorm Room

Hi guys!

So this post isn't exactly going to be a "how to," it's more of a recap of what my roommate and I have been doing the past 2 days to make our dorm room unlike any other! You may think we're a little crazy, but hey, isn't that what makes it fun? :)

In order to complete our "renovation," we had to work through a series of steps:

Step 1- Find inspiration

Kristen's t-shirt!

Step 2- Get the necessary supplies

poster board (not pictured), scissors & a LOT of duct tape

Cardboard boxes!

Step 3- Build the foundation

Devan taping up some pieces of cardboard...

The "foundation" completed!

Step 4- Finish the basic construction 

(Below the blue and green paper pictured below is more cardboard...for support, of course!)


Beginning to put up the finishing touches...

Drawing of a tree on the side when walking into the room!

The "tunnel" all finished!!!

View of the "tree" from the hallway
the "tunnel" inside!!!!!

So that's all for now, and as always...don't be a stranger! Twitter/Formspring



  1. Well, you are certainly more creative than me! I wonder what your thoughts are for window and ceiling decoration? All I know know is that I stare at that ceiling each night, but I cannot think of what to do with it. Also, I find your "tunnel" very cool, for it reminds me of those days as a kid when I used to build forts like that. I feel quite jealous of your creativity there, so I may have to adapt that idea to my own preferences. Great job so far, I cannot wait to see how the rest of it turns out!

  2. Your tunnel is incredible! Keep us updated on your next dorm decor projects!