Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Juliana’s Blog has moved to Wordpress!

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to move my blog over to Wordpress, where I also manage my other two blogs (here and here).

This means I will no longer be posting to this blogger site!  If you have this blog bookmarked, please replace it with the new URL (below)

You can now ONLY access new posts (and old posts, too) from “Juliana's Blog" at this URL:


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birthday in Burlington!

Hey everyone!

My 20th birthday was this past saturday and I was lucky enough to have my family come up and visit for the day. It was absolutely beautiful out so we ended up sitting outside for lunch on Church Street and taking advantage of the rare sunshine (it's been pretty rainy here lately)...

my mom & me

blowing out candles!

A beautiful view of Burlington

My mom & the Red Onion cafe - where we ate lunch

how perfect is this weather?

amazing ham sandwich on honey oat bread from the Red
Onion cafe - I'd definitely recommend going there
if you're down on Church Street!

mini pumpkin cupcake from My Little Cupcake

Inside of My Little Cupcake - how cute are those flags

Later in the day after my family had left, I went back into town with two of my good friends - Kristen and Mary - and we got frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf (the somewhat new froyo place off of Church Street). So many sweets and so much great company made for a fabulous 20th birthday! Thanks to all who made it amazing :)


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Burlington's South End Art Hop

Hey everyone!

I'm here to tell you (and encourage you to check out) the Art Hop that's happening this weekend in Burlington. I went last night (Friday) with a couple of my friends and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the event. I'm not much of an art enthusiast, but walking down Pine St. and taking in all of the eccentric and interesting sights and sounds was really an awesome experience. It's happening again tonight and tomorrow night - try to head downtown and check it out!

Here are some pictures I took there last night, which doesn't even cover close to all of the cool stuff on display at the event...

"graffiti" art

spray paint art...

and then fire...

Me & my friend Melissa

Me (right) & my friend Mikala

Mikala on the train tracks

The South End Art Hop logo - in light form!

So many lights! They were probably my favorite part. 

"made here"

and a night downtown is never complete without Ben & Jerry's...


Monday, August 26, 2013

crafty in Cashman

Hey guys!

I've been totally m.i.a. this summer, but I'm back and here to share with you my super awesome dorm decor for this semester...

So, diy projects are really popular right now (check out Kayley's post here and an old post of mine here). I decided that instead of buying a bunch of stuff to put on my walls, I'd finally tackle some of those diy projects that I've pinned on Pinterest.

The result? Cute AND functional dorm decor for my awesome little room in Cashman.

Here are my favorite 3 completed projects...

#1 - Sunglasses Frame

For this project, I bought a frame and some copper wire at Walmart for just $15. Then, I cut 2 strands of wire and duct taped them to the back of the frame...simple as that! A frame to decorate the wall and show off my favorite eyewear. Perfection.

#2 - Jewelry Hooks

Hiding your jewelry away in boxes is so overrated - you should be showing off your favorite accessories! I found these awesome clear-backed metal command hooks at Walmart (pictured below). This, like the sunglasses frame, shows off your favorite pieces while still adding some flair to the boring white walls. 

#3 - Flag Garland

This is by far my favorite part of the room. It took a while to cut out all of the triangle flags, but it was totally worth it. I used a $5 book of scrapbooking paper to cut the flags from and a ball of pink ombre yarn to string them on. My entire room is covered in these pretty strands of floral flags! Love it.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free Stuff, Food & Fun

Hey everyone,

The semester is steadily coming to a close, and that means the work is piling on, per usual! In the midst of articles, exams, and of course the infamous Global Comm website project, it was important to take some time to do a few things around campus, in town, and with friends to stay sane. 

First, just a little update on the new student center side of the Quad Commons...looking good!

So, in-between my crazy schedule, I ventured into town, or at least out of Bergeron for once, to enjoy the (gradually getting better) nice weather. 

On Monday, I had an appointment in town, so I figured hey, why not ride my bike there? It was fun, until I hit the HUGE hill on the way there...

And since I obviously worked so hard to get there, it only seems right to treat myself to some shopping at Urban and grab a lunch to go from Panera, right?

It's officially dress season!

Panera...to go!

Then it was one of the BEST days of the year, Ben & Jerry's free cone day. It was on Tuesday, which was also the day our websites were due...coincidence? Either way, it was a great way to celebrate with the wonderful girls from Global Comm.

Photo courtesy of Sheila!

This past Sunday was EarthFest at SMC, where local food & ice cream is free to students, a band plays, you can make your own smoothie on the smoothie bike, etc. 

Of course, there were many essential trips to Dunkin Donuts during the week with my friend Galya. Luckily, we have one right next to campus, which is barely a 5 minute walk from my dorm.

And last but not least, Gabbi & Liz invited us to come watch them practice their senior sem presentation before the actual presentation tomorrow (Wednesday). Seniors in the MJD department spend all year researching, gathering information, interviewing, and then either writing a book, designing a website, or making a documentary film based on the topic you chose.

What's coming up? Well, besides finals...

Macklemore will be here to perform on April 25
The annual MLK Talent Show is on April 26
PDAY is on April 27, but I'll be in Canada for the weekend with my good friend Catherine for a shopping weekend!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Media, Media, Media!

Hey everyone,

Here's a little update on what I've been up to lately...

First, I'll just say that if you have the chance to take Global Communications with Prof. Hyde, do it. I can't even begin to describe how great it is. Yes, it's a lot of work, but learning about the media in the entire world is pretty amazing. And plus, now I can even say that I can name every country in the world and where they are on a map.

So, I'm super excited about the project we're working on right now...global media mapping. Basically, we were all assigned a country (I got Croatia) and we're designing a research-based website (yes, from scratch) with information about the media culture within that country. Even though I'm in Bergeron some nights until 2am or later, it's really cool to see the progress in the website. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I've worked on so far...

The very beginning...just a header!
Nav bar done

Home page
One of MANY pages on the site...
this one is for facts on the most common
types of media/technology used in Croatia!

And I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that these will go live online when we're finished, I can't wait!

Also, just wanted to throw in a shout-out to the awesome members of St. Michael's Rescue for letting me ride along/observe a call last night for a multimedia project. Here are a few shots from the night...

Super abstract/blurry but I like it