Saturday, September 7, 2013

Burlington's South End Art Hop

Hey everyone!

I'm here to tell you (and encourage you to check out) the Art Hop that's happening this weekend in Burlington. I went last night (Friday) with a couple of my friends and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the event. I'm not much of an art enthusiast, but walking down Pine St. and taking in all of the eccentric and interesting sights and sounds was really an awesome experience. It's happening again tonight and tomorrow night - try to head downtown and check it out!

Here are some pictures I took there last night, which doesn't even cover close to all of the cool stuff on display at the event...

"graffiti" art

spray paint art...

and then fire...

Me & my friend Melissa

Me (right) & my friend Mikala

Mikala on the train tracks

The South End Art Hop logo - in light form!

So many lights! They were probably my favorite part. 

"made here"

and a night downtown is never complete without Ben & Jerry's...


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