Monday, August 26, 2013

crafty in Cashman

Hey guys!

I've been totally m.i.a. this summer, but I'm back and here to share with you my super awesome dorm decor for this semester...

So, diy projects are really popular right now (check out Kayley's post here and an old post of mine here). I decided that instead of buying a bunch of stuff to put on my walls, I'd finally tackle some of those diy projects that I've pinned on Pinterest.

The result? Cute AND functional dorm decor for my awesome little room in Cashman.

Here are my favorite 3 completed projects...

#1 - Sunglasses Frame

For this project, I bought a frame and some copper wire at Walmart for just $15. Then, I cut 2 strands of wire and duct taped them to the back of the frame...simple as that! A frame to decorate the wall and show off my favorite eyewear. Perfection.

#2 - Jewelry Hooks

Hiding your jewelry away in boxes is so overrated - you should be showing off your favorite accessories! I found these awesome clear-backed metal command hooks at Walmart (pictured below). This, like the sunglasses frame, shows off your favorite pieces while still adding some flair to the boring white walls. 

#3 - Flag Garland

This is by far my favorite part of the room. It took a while to cut out all of the triangle flags, but it was totally worth it. I used a $5 book of scrapbooking paper to cut the flags from and a ball of pink ombre yarn to string them on. My entire room is covered in these pretty strands of floral flags! Love it.