Friday, April 27, 2012


Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to say that I've finally made my way to Sloane (on north campus) for dinner! For those who don't know, Sloane is a building on north campus that is used mostly for art classes, but there is also another "dining hall"...which isn't really like a dining hall at all. "Knights at the Round Table" (which everyone just calls Sloane) is another dining option on campus...but it's restaurant style!

It's open Monday-Thursday from 5-6:30pm, and you HAVE to make a reservation! When we called to make a reservation at 2pm (when they first start taking reservations) the phone was busy four times before we could get gets booked up very quickly! When you get there, you're swiped in with your Knightcard, seated at a table, order from the "menu," and the food it brought out to you. The best part though is that it's all included in your meal plan! No paying, and awesome food in a restaurant-like setting...SO cool!

When you're seated, you can go get whatever drink you want..anything from soda to milk or orange juice...and they bring out dinner rolls and butter. You're given a menu/order slip to write down what you would like from the menu...everyone gets to choose 1 appetizer, 1 entree, and 1 dessert!

Here are some pictures of what we ordered, and everything was so good!!

Really good dinner rolls!

My appetizer- spinach salad with strawberries
and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Galya eating her appetizer- tortilla chips and queso

Galya with her chicken parm, which Clare got too!

My (vegan!) seitan and cooked spinach. So good!

Sorbet with raspberries...yum!


Clare, Galya, and me...happy and full after an awesome dinner!

Marci also blogged about going to Knights at the Round Table here & pictures here!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Weekend & Classes!

Hey everyone!

There have been so many exciting things happening lately! This past saturday was not only an accepted students open house, but also a part of parents weekend. I started off the day by giving a tour to a few lovely prospective students & their families with my good friend Mary, which was our first time out on our own! So exciting! :)

Hillary's dinner- spaghetti
squash rollatini
My dinner- cauliflower
"steak" (vegan)
After giving the tour, I went to meet up with my parents & brother! A lot of parents stay for the night, but since I only live 2 hours away, they decided to just come up for the day. We went downtown with my friend Clare and did a little shopping, and then brought my other friend Hillary out to dinner with us at Leunig's! It's a cute little French bistro in the middle of church street- great food!

After dinner, I decided that we needed to go to My Little Cupcake, a little cupcake shop right off of Church Street (on College Street). I had heard that they have vegan cupcakes...and I was very pleasantly surprised! We ended up getting 6 strawberry vegan cupcakes and 6 cookies & cream vegan cupcakes, which were absolutely amazing! (And gone in less than 24 hours...oops!) This is probably one of my new favorite shops in Burlington :)

Hillary and my brother at the cupcake shop!

Vegan cupcakes :)

It's really nice having my parents so close to St. Mike's...even at 2 hours away, they can come up just for the day to visit. So, after a very successful Saturday came Sunday...

I can't even begin to describe how excited I was on Sunday. At around 1pm I was sitting at my desk, procrastinating and looking up random things online when I decided to check Knightvision (the site we use to register for classes here at SMC). I had only gotten into 2 of my classes for next semester, and I was freaking out about what to do for another 2 classes. I tried petitioning into Investigative Reporting and Photojournalism, but the classes were already above their maximum number of students. 

...So, on Sunday, I logged into Knightvision..and what do I see? ONE SPOT had just opened in both Photojournalism AND Investigative Reporting! I literally thought I was dreaming. I quickly registered for the two classes and felt an instant rush of relief. Now, I have all four classes I need for next semester and don't have to worry about petitioning into anything else or rushing to find backup classes. YAY!

My schedule for Fall 2012 semester looks like this:

First Semester Italian- Monday/Wednesday/Friday  11:00am-12:05pm
Foreign Correspondence- Wednesday  3:15-6:15pm
Investigative Reporting- Tuesday/Thursday  8:00-9:35am
Photojournalism- Tuesday/Thursday  9:45-11:20am

After a couple weeks of stressing, everything ended up working out well...note to self: keep checking Knightvision for spots in a class to open up!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Break

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! SMC students get a four-day weekend for Easter break, so like many, I made a quick trip home to spend it with my family! Some of my favorite things about being home for a few days would definitely be sleeping in (for once) and home cooked meals, which both seem to be nonexistent in college.

Friday and Saturday were spent catching up on some much needed sleep, which was then followed by a very eventful Easter. We started the day with the usual egg hunt...and my 10 year old brother finding almost all of them, of course! Then, my Dad and I decided to take the dogs for a hike...which is where the adventure began.

Like Vermont, the Adirondacks (in upstate NY, where I'm from!) are beautiful and perfect for hiking/spending time we ventured into the woods at around noon, thinking we would have plenty of time to hike for 3 hours and then come home to get ready for dinner with the family. Well, what was supposed to be a peaceful hike on a trail turned into an extra 2 hour off-trail trek through the woods. I'll admit, it was pretty fun getting lost and enjoying the nice weather, but I won't let my Dad live down his so-called "great idea." (Thank goodness for the iPhone GPS, seriously)

Hiking, before going off the trail!
What we found after 2 pretty!

Lola & me

Well we obviously made it home safe and sound...better late than never! Then, it was time for an Easter dinner that was anything but traditional. Instead of cooking for hours and having everyone over to my house or my grandparents house like usual, we all decided that it would be fun to do something totally out of the ordinary and go to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Glens Falls...Siam Thai! (If you're ever in the area, definitely check it out. Or, closer to SMC, there's Tiny Thai)

The family at dinner

& Soon after, it was time to return to SMC once again! It's a very busy/exciting time of the year here...housing selection recently completed, class registration tomorrow for fall 2012, accepted students days coming up (I'll be there with the rest of the tour guides!), and PDAY! Well, finals too...but let's not think about that quite yet. 

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