Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freshman Dorm Before & After

Hi everyone!

I remember at this time last year, I was SO anxious about getting to school and what the dorms would look like, who I would meet, and how it would be to live away from home for the first time. Let me just's only been a week since leaving SMC for summer break and I'm already dying to go back! I never could have imagined how great my freshman year would turn out...from friends to classes...SMC has really become my home :) One of the biggest parts of that is where you live and how you make your space truly your own...for me that was Ryan 212! Here are pictures of before & after...

pretty simple, boring, not personalized
bright, happy, feeling like home :)

I chose to go all out with my favorite color (pink!) and make my side of the room as cheerful as possible..which really made it a great space to live in all year! Make sure your room is somewhere you enjoy spending time- it's your new home!

Also, I loved having my bed lofted all year...first semester I had it lofted halfway (as pictured above) with my dresser underneath. Second semester I chose to loft it fully so I could put my desk underneath as well, which really opened up the floor space! Either way, lofting your bed is a great option for maximizing space in a dorm room. SMC uses two different lofting companies- Loftmeister (which I used) and Vermont Loft & Futon.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PDAY in pictures!

Hey everyone!

It was SUCH an exciting weekend here at SMC! Friday night was the MLK talent show, which was so much better than I had ever expected...we even had our very own blogger Gabbi perform in it..twice! One of her videos is here, and the winner's video here. AND, at the talent show I won my very first raffle prize ever!! It was a great way to start off the weekend :)

We all woke up at 8am on Saturday to start the day early. Here are some pictures from the day!...

Up bright and early!

matching pinnies  :)

start of the trike race!

eating food from the food tent- SO many options (crepes, chinese, etc)

Having fun out on the 3's field

HUGE inflatable slide! My favorite part of the day

300's field on pday

Late Knight breakfast!

There was also an awesome comedy show featuring SMC's very own Kit Rivers! Check out her site here.