Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 1 at SMC!

Hey everyone!

So we're FINALLY at St. Mike's. Right now I'm writing to you from my room (Ryan 212) and awaiting the rest of today's events...freshman dance tonight!!!

Anyways, yesterday was a good way of course. The 2 hour drive to SMC from my house seemed more like 10 hours, but when we got here it was totally worth it. We were immediately greeted by o-leaders holding signs and blowing whistles (which we heard all day long). My Dad and Grandpa pulled the 2 stuffed cars up to the steps of Ryan and all of the o-leaders eagerly carried everything, and I mean everything, up to my awesome!

My new home, Ryan Hall!

Our door
My mom and brother helping me move in
Still setting up...
All done! Devan's Side
My side!
After moving in, it was time for residence hall meetings to go over policies and our RA answered any and all questions that we had. From there, orientation group meetings (13!) where we played the typical name games and ate dinner together. We went from Ross Sports Center to the Chapel for new student convocation, and then back to Ross for the best part of the night so far..."fun for all." The o-leaders all came out in costumes, danced around, and then led us in bunch of games. Most were tired after the long day, but somehow managed to stay up until after midnight talking in the freshman quad. So, all in 1 was a total success! It still hasn't quite hit me that we're here for still feels almost like we're just visiting...but I'm so glad that it's for good! :)

Alright, time to go for now...

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Friday, August 19, 2011

T-Minus 7 days...Stress

With only one week to go, I've been a little stressed with packing and getting ready for the big move up to SMC. So, I decided to do some digging..and no, not literally :)

My research led me to find what the average college freshman stresses about the most during the transition into college. The top 5 are...

#1- Roommate conflicts

#2 - Academics

#3 - Time management

#4 - Relationships

#5 - Finances

Maybe my list is a little out of order for some of you, but I feel like those are what I will most likely end up worrying about during the college transition period. So now that we know what might cause some stress, how do we relieve it? Well, obviously the top 5 stress relievers...

#1 - Working out
By working out I certainly don't mean a rigorous 3-hour workout everyday. But hey, when you're feeling slightly overwhelmed, physical activity helps to take your mind off the stress and get in better shape at the same time! (By the way, St. Mike's has SO many clubs that involve physical activity - check them out here)

#2 - Sleep
This one might be a no-brainer, but it still deserves the number 2 spot. With enough sleep each night, you'll feel more refreshed in the morning and ready to take on those 8 AM classes.

#3 - Music
Ever turn on your iPod, press play on your favorite song, and somehow instantly feel more relaxed? I know I have. It's a fact - music has an effect on the brain that creates a sense of comfort.

#4 - Eating right
  Trust me - apple vs. chocolate bar...the apple wins. Also, skipping meals is a big no-no, this makes you hungry & less energized...and therefore more stressed. 

#5 - Getting organized
Coming from a true organization freak, the key to de-stressing is to clean up the clutter and focus. The more disorganization in your life means the more stressed you will be when that 15 page paper goes missing in the pile of stuff on your desk. Also, keep an agenda/planner to organize important dates & keep on schedule...time management!!

So yes, maybe there will be a little bit of stress. However, St. Mike's is a new beginning and a fresh start. This summer has gone by so fast and I can't wait to finally get there!


On a completely different note, this past Tuesday night my best friends and I were all together for the last time and the thought of everything changing became more real than ever. Despite the dreaded goodbye that was soon to come, we made the night memorable...Pretty Little Liars and dancing, of course!

Me, Torey, Paige, Christine, and Alexandra

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

SMC On My Mind

Hey Guys!

This past week I was in Biddeford Pool, Maine with my family for vacation!

We've been going to Maine every summer for as long as I can remember, but this year was a little different. Of course it was just as fun as always...going to the beach and spending time with my family...but still, I couldn't stop thinking about all I had to do before move-in day! (Which is only 12 days away...yay!!) We got home late last night and I decided that as soon as I woke up this morning I would tackle the dreaded task of packing up my entire closet. It took me about 4 hours...

Anyways, I got a little off topic. So...while I was in Maine, I swear St. Mike's was following me...

One of the nights we went out to dinner in Kennebunkport. All 11 of us had just sat down when a SMC add popped up on the TV behind us! (I didn't even know they had one)...Purple Knight and all, there it was - weird coincidence?? (My mom started crying after seeing this and hearing me say that there were only 15 days left until move-in day, I felt so bad)

Then (I think the next day) we went to Borders because it wasn't very nice out and I had to pick up some books...and what did I see? Someone wearing a St. Mike's t-shirt on the other side of the store!

So the point is.. I can't get SMC out of my head! Plus, I got my orientation letter today and it made me even more excited to get there...GROUP 13!!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Packing, Packing & More Packing...

So this week has been a little stressful. Besides working everyday...I have to do tons of packing! Obviously, SMC is in only 21 days so there's A LOT to do before then, but I'm also leaving for vacation (Biddeford Pool, Maine) on Saturday morning!

Packing for vacation isn't nearly as overwhelming as college packing...

My very small vacation pile

I was smart when I was making my packing list for vacation. Using my iPad made it much scribbles or anything.

 (Vacation packing list on my iPad)

I wasn't so smart when writing out my college packing list...went old fashioned on this one. But hey, it gets the job done...and I like to write anyways so I guess it wasn't that bad.

I love that a lot of things are getting checked off lately! :) 

So since the majority of my college shopping is done, here's a little peek into my huge pile of dorm stuff...

(The pile)

Pink desk chair! So comfy!
Vera Bradley photo the time I do a blog post of a
tour of my dorm room, this thing will be covered in pics!
Of course, the essentials...laundry stuff and cleaning supplies.
Oh and my pink dirt devil vacuum :)

Ok this is my favorite...Vera Bradley desk supplies (pencils,
notebooks, folders, agenda, etc) and jewelry case/makeup case.
Obviously I have an obsession.

Dry erase board and (pink) command hooks!
I've heard from everyone that these will come in handy.
Pink bedspread, sheets, and pillows!
Maybe I went a little overboard on pink stuff...just kidding! :)
Plates, bowls, and cups from Target! 

Of course there's more but then you'd be reading all day! So there's the sneak peek...and I'll be posting a photo/video tour of the room as soon as Devan (my roommate) and I move in!