Thursday, August 4, 2011

Packing, Packing & More Packing...

So this week has been a little stressful. Besides working everyday...I have to do tons of packing! Obviously, SMC is in only 21 days so there's A LOT to do before then, but I'm also leaving for vacation (Biddeford Pool, Maine) on Saturday morning!

Packing for vacation isn't nearly as overwhelming as college packing...

My very small vacation pile

I was smart when I was making my packing list for vacation. Using my iPad made it much scribbles or anything.

 (Vacation packing list on my iPad)

I wasn't so smart when writing out my college packing list...went old fashioned on this one. But hey, it gets the job done...and I like to write anyways so I guess it wasn't that bad.

I love that a lot of things are getting checked off lately! :) 

So since the majority of my college shopping is done, here's a little peek into my huge pile of dorm stuff...

(The pile)

Pink desk chair! So comfy!
Vera Bradley photo the time I do a blog post of a
tour of my dorm room, this thing will be covered in pics!
Of course, the essentials...laundry stuff and cleaning supplies.
Oh and my pink dirt devil vacuum :)

Ok this is my favorite...Vera Bradley desk supplies (pencils,
notebooks, folders, agenda, etc) and jewelry case/makeup case.
Obviously I have an obsession.

Dry erase board and (pink) command hooks!
I've heard from everyone that these will come in handy.
Pink bedspread, sheets, and pillows!
Maybe I went a little overboard on pink stuff...just kidding! :)
Plates, bowls, and cups from Target! 

Of course there's more but then you'd be reading all day! So there's the sneak peek...and I'll be posting a photo/video tour of the room as soon as Devan (my roommate) and I move in! 

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