Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 1 at SMC!

Hey everyone!

So we're FINALLY at St. Mike's. Right now I'm writing to you from my room (Ryan 212) and awaiting the rest of today's events...freshman dance tonight!!!

Anyways, yesterday was a good way of course. The 2 hour drive to SMC from my house seemed more like 10 hours, but when we got here it was totally worth it. We were immediately greeted by o-leaders holding signs and blowing whistles (which we heard all day long). My Dad and Grandpa pulled the 2 stuffed cars up to the steps of Ryan and all of the o-leaders eagerly carried everything, and I mean everything, up to my awesome!

My new home, Ryan Hall!

Our door
My mom and brother helping me move in
Still setting up...
All done! Devan's Side
My side!
After moving in, it was time for residence hall meetings to go over policies and our RA answered any and all questions that we had. From there, orientation group meetings (13!) where we played the typical name games and ate dinner together. We went from Ross Sports Center to the Chapel for new student convocation, and then back to Ross for the best part of the night so far..."fun for all." The o-leaders all came out in costumes, danced around, and then led us in bunch of games. Most were tired after the long day, but somehow managed to stay up until after midnight talking in the freshman quad. So, all in 1 was a total success! It still hasn't quite hit me that we're here for still feels almost like we're just visiting...but I'm so glad that it's for good! :)

Alright, time to go for now...

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