Thursday, September 1, 2011

College Is For...Classes?

Hey everyone!

So yes, it's been a whole week since move-in day...crazy, right? I have some time before running off to my Media Revolutions class, so I thought I'd give you a little update...

College is AWESOME! Of course we have tons of fun (Ryan 2 is the best floor ever), but let's be is about taking classes on topics we're interested in and learning new things to prepare us for the real world. Here's the deal - we can only take 4 classes per semester (5 if the fifth is a half-credit course) which means that we do have a LOT of free time..."study time." (For the most part...)

My schedule goes like this-

The Examined Life
Intro to Philosophy
Elements of Calc

...and I'm done by 12!

Media Revolutions @1:10

...which means I have the whole morning free and the whole afternoon free after class.

Now, I know what you must be thinking - that's a ton of free time, what do you do to occupy it?

Well, I like to get my work done early in the afternoon on the day that it's assigned, that way I don't have to rush to get everything done the night before it's due. *TIP - managing your time is SO important, get your homework done early so you have the night to hang with friends! 

Also, to stay organized, I keep a planner/agenda to write down all of my assignments and things to do, otherwise I know I'll forget...

Ok...I'm going to go do some homework (since I have the whole morning free) and then head off to Media Rev! 

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