Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome Back Bash!

Hey everyone!

First off, I've been so super extremely busy this week, which is why it's taken me this long to update my blog! Who would have thought that there would be this much work in college? - haha, joking! :)

So, this weekend was the "Welcome Back Bash" which meant a Saturday filled with different events and having tons of always! To give you a little overview, our day went as follows:

3 pm- Student Club Performances
To be honest, we (Mary, Kristen, and I) showed up a little late to the performances and only got to see the end...I really wanted to hear the AcaBellas sing (my roommate Devan will be auditioning this week!) However, we still got to watch the Celtic Knights perform which was very cool! Want more info about clubs at SMC? Click here.

Hard to see, but there's the stage!

4 pm- T-shirt making
So obviously this wasn't a scheduled event, but basically everyone does it! What do I mean by "making t-shirts?" Well, for the highlighter dance, most students grab a white t-shirt and cut it/draw on it until it looks fabulous.

4:30 pm- Dinner on the 300's field
It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, perfect for a dinner outside with live music and friends.

Mary eating her veggie burger...

8 pm- Highlighter dance!!!
Basically, this was a dance where you can draw all over each other's shirts with highlighters and glow under the much fun!

So that's all for now, busy week ahead! Oh, and my birthday is on Wednesday...yay! :)

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