Friday, February 24, 2012

Living in Vermont: 5 Essentials

Hey everyone!

It's getting closer to decision time, 2016! Many of you might have already decided to come to St. Mike's next year (good choice!) and others may still be weighing your options...that's ok! It took me until accepted students day last year to figure out that SMC was perfect for me...and there were many things that I questioned before deciding...was SMC a good size for me? Do they have a good journalism program? (yes!) And also, how would I like living in Vermont?

...Well, I can say now that it's definitely awesome, but the weather does like to change about every 2 seconds. There a few things that I didn't think to bring when I first made the move up to St. Mike's during orientation, and some others that I did and were definitely here are a few of my recommendations:

Rain boots! Take it from the class of 2015, we know all about this necessity. Our orientation weekend got hit with hurricane Irene, and I forgot my rain boots- talk about wet feet! With Vermont's unpredictable weather, this is a staple for everyone's wardrobe.

A fan! Yes, it is HOT during the summer when we first arrive on campus. I had two or three fans going at once during many days, so this is something to definitely not to leave behind. I remember thinking before coming to St. Mike's that it wouldn't get that warm, I mean it is Vermont after all..but I was totally wrong. Bring a fan, you won't regret it...I got mine (pictured right) from Target for less than $15!

Ski areas in Vermont!
Skis/snowboard! You can't come to Vermont and not try one of these fun winter activities...especially with the super cheap student season pass for Smuggs! There's also StoweSugarbush & many more just a car ride away. Even though we've had an unusually mild winter this year, that hasn't stopped anyone...get out there and try it, even if you haven't before!

a different way to
rock the tie dye look!
Flannel & tie dye! Ok, well I guess this isn't really an essential, but it's definitely stereotypical Vermont! So hey, why not participate in the fun...embrace your inner Vermonter! I was skeptical of these things at first too, but there's really nothing better than putting on a flannel with some leggings and rain boots on a cold Vermont day.

A sense of adventure! This might not be something to put in your room or hang up in your closet, but it is definitely something I'd recommend bringing with you to Vermont. There are SO many awesome things to go do and explore...go for a hike, head to the waterfront downtown, go explore Church Street, take a long walk in the woods, go skiing/snowboarding, participate in a Wilderness Program event (rock climb, sea kayak, etc), and much much more! Coming to St. Mike's isn't just about sitting in a classroom (which is also great, just for the record), but it is also about branching out and finding new interests and activities in this exciting time in your life. Embrace it, live big, and don't hold back! College is supposed to be the best four years of your life- but it's up to you to make it that way!  :)

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