Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Free Stuff, Food & Fun

Hey everyone,

The semester is steadily coming to a close, and that means the work is piling on, per usual! In the midst of articles, exams, and of course the infamous Global Comm website project, it was important to take some time to do a few things around campus, in town, and with friends to stay sane. 

First, just a little update on the new student center side of the Quad Commons...looking good!

So, in-between my crazy schedule, I ventured into town, or at least out of Bergeron for once, to enjoy the (gradually getting better) nice weather. 

On Monday, I had an appointment in town, so I figured hey, why not ride my bike there? It was fun, until I hit the HUGE hill on the way there...

And since I obviously worked so hard to get there, it only seems right to treat myself to some shopping at Urban and grab a lunch to go from Panera, right?

It's officially dress season!

Panera...to go!

Then it was one of the BEST days of the year, Ben & Jerry's free cone day. It was on Tuesday, which was also the day our websites were due...coincidence? Either way, it was a great way to celebrate with the wonderful girls from Global Comm.

Photo courtesy of Sheila!

This past Sunday was EarthFest at SMC, where local food & ice cream is free to students, a band plays, you can make your own smoothie on the smoothie bike, etc. 

Of course, there were many essential trips to Dunkin Donuts during the week with my friend Galya. Luckily, we have one right next to campus, which is barely a 5 minute walk from my dorm.

And last but not least, Gabbi & Liz invited us to come watch them practice their senior sem presentation before the actual presentation tomorrow (Wednesday). Seniors in the MJD department spend all year researching, gathering information, interviewing, and then either writing a book, designing a website, or making a documentary film based on the topic you chose.

What's coming up? Well, besides finals...

Macklemore will be here to perform on April 25
The annual MLK Talent Show is on April 26
PDAY is on April 27, but I'll be in Canada for the weekend with my good friend Catherine for a shopping weekend!