Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Break

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! SMC students get a four-day weekend for Easter break, so like many, I made a quick trip home to spend it with my family! Some of my favorite things about being home for a few days would definitely be sleeping in (for once) and home cooked meals, which both seem to be nonexistent in college.

Friday and Saturday were spent catching up on some much needed sleep, which was then followed by a very eventful Easter. We started the day with the usual egg hunt...and my 10 year old brother finding almost all of them, of course! Then, my Dad and I decided to take the dogs for a hike...which is where the adventure began.

Like Vermont, the Adirondacks (in upstate NY, where I'm from!) are beautiful and perfect for hiking/spending time we ventured into the woods at around noon, thinking we would have plenty of time to hike for 3 hours and then come home to get ready for dinner with the family. Well, what was supposed to be a peaceful hike on a trail turned into an extra 2 hour off-trail trek through the woods. I'll admit, it was pretty fun getting lost and enjoying the nice weather, but I won't let my Dad live down his so-called "great idea." (Thank goodness for the iPhone GPS, seriously)

Hiking, before going off the trail!
What we found after 2 pretty!

Lola & me

Well we obviously made it home safe and sound...better late than never! Then, it was time for an Easter dinner that was anything but traditional. Instead of cooking for hours and having everyone over to my house or my grandparents house like usual, we all decided that it would be fun to do something totally out of the ordinary and go to one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Glens Falls...Siam Thai! (If you're ever in the area, definitely check it out. Or, closer to SMC, there's Tiny Thai)

The family at dinner

& Soon after, it was time to return to SMC once again! It's a very busy/exciting time of the year here...housing selection recently completed, class registration tomorrow for fall 2012, accepted students days coming up (I'll be there with the rest of the tour guides!), and PDAY! Well, finals too...but let's not think about that quite yet. 

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