Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Weekend & Classes!

Hey everyone!

There have been so many exciting things happening lately! This past saturday was not only an accepted students open house, but also a part of parents weekend. I started off the day by giving a tour to a few lovely prospective students & their families with my good friend Mary, which was our first time out on our own! So exciting! :)

Hillary's dinner- spaghetti
squash rollatini
My dinner- cauliflower
"steak" (vegan)
After giving the tour, I went to meet up with my parents & brother! A lot of parents stay for the night, but since I only live 2 hours away, they decided to just come up for the day. We went downtown with my friend Clare and did a little shopping, and then brought my other friend Hillary out to dinner with us at Leunig's! It's a cute little French bistro in the middle of church street- great food!

After dinner, I decided that we needed to go to My Little Cupcake, a little cupcake shop right off of Church Street (on College Street). I had heard that they have vegan cupcakes...and I was very pleasantly surprised! We ended up getting 6 strawberry vegan cupcakes and 6 cookies & cream vegan cupcakes, which were absolutely amazing! (And gone in less than 24 hours...oops!) This is probably one of my new favorite shops in Burlington :)

Hillary and my brother at the cupcake shop!

Vegan cupcakes :)

It's really nice having my parents so close to St. Mike's...even at 2 hours away, they can come up just for the day to visit. So, after a very successful Saturday came Sunday...

I can't even begin to describe how excited I was on Sunday. At around 1pm I was sitting at my desk, procrastinating and looking up random things online when I decided to check Knightvision (the site we use to register for classes here at SMC). I had only gotten into 2 of my classes for next semester, and I was freaking out about what to do for another 2 classes. I tried petitioning into Investigative Reporting and Photojournalism, but the classes were already above their maximum number of students. 

...So, on Sunday, I logged into Knightvision..and what do I see? ONE SPOT had just opened in both Photojournalism AND Investigative Reporting! I literally thought I was dreaming. I quickly registered for the two classes and felt an instant rush of relief. Now, I have all four classes I need for next semester and don't have to worry about petitioning into anything else or rushing to find backup classes. YAY!

My schedule for Fall 2012 semester looks like this:

First Semester Italian- Monday/Wednesday/Friday  11:00am-12:05pm
Foreign Correspondence- Wednesday  3:15-6:15pm
Investigative Reporting- Tuesday/Thursday  8:00-9:35am
Photojournalism- Tuesday/Thursday  9:45-11:20am

After a couple weeks of stressing, everything ended up working out well...note to self: keep checking Knightvision for spots in a class to open up!


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