Sunday, September 15, 2013

Birthday in Burlington!

Hey everyone!

My 20th birthday was this past saturday and I was lucky enough to have my family come up and visit for the day. It was absolutely beautiful out so we ended up sitting outside for lunch on Church Street and taking advantage of the rare sunshine (it's been pretty rainy here lately)...

my mom & me

blowing out candles!

A beautiful view of Burlington

My mom & the Red Onion cafe - where we ate lunch

how perfect is this weather?

amazing ham sandwich on honey oat bread from the Red
Onion cafe - I'd definitely recommend going there
if you're down on Church Street!

mini pumpkin cupcake from My Little Cupcake

Inside of My Little Cupcake - how cute are those flags

Later in the day after my family had left, I went back into town with two of my good friends - Kristen and Mary - and we got frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf (the somewhat new froyo place off of Church Street). So many sweets and so much great company made for a fabulous 20th birthday! Thanks to all who made it amazing :)



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