Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Room Revamp

Hi everyone!

We're less than a week until finals (wow) and the stress is beginning to set in. Papers to write, topics to study, calculus formulas to remember (ugh), next week seems like it will be absolutely crazy. Well, bring it on. Maybe I'll need to follow some of my own tips for managing stress? Also, there are some great tips for dealing with stress during pre-finals week on Alyssa's blog and study tips from Gabbi! Anyways, before the chaos of finals week begins, I've decided to do a little room redecorating of sorts, just to change things up a bit and add some more flavor to the room...obviously the tunnel just wasn't enough :)

New wall of pictures...a wonderful distraction!

...and I lofted my bed all the way which adds a TON
of space to the room. I know, not the most exciting
thing ever, but hey, the more space in a dorm room
the better! (Excuse the mess, I seem to be developing
a reluctance to putting things away...)

Although this room project was a lovely distraction, the studying is it's time to get down to business. I can see that my relationship with the library will probably grow much stronger over the next few days...
So basically, if anyone happens to be looking for me, check the gym or the library :)

I'll update you all very soon! For now, don't forget about Twitter & Formspring!


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