Monday, November 21, 2011

Just A Little Look Back

Hey everyone!

So I was just thinking...

How is tomorrow our last day before break already?! This year is flying by! As I've started studying for finals and after signing up for second semester classes, I thought about a few of my favorite times from this first semester at SMC (even though I've loved every minute of it)...

*Well this technically doesn't count as first semester, but it's what started my experience here at St. Mikes...

*This one might be pretty obvious, but orientation weekend has to be one does orientation like St. Mike's! You feel at home as soon as you get to campus...from the o-leaders carrying everything for you to all of the events they planned for us, I wouldn't have changed a second of it! 
Read about my first day at SMC here.

*First time doing laundry...ever! Ok, I know this doesn't sound very memorable, but hey, I was pretty impressed with myself...I didn't even ruin any clothes! Plus, Mary decided to make carrying clothes down to the basement a little more interesting...
She's going to hate me for
putting this on here, but I love it!

*My 18th birthday! A few of us went to The Three Tomatoes for dinner, which is now one of my favorite restaurants!

*The day we built the tunnel. Self-explanatory, nothing will ever top the tunnel!

Our lovely neighbors with the tunnel!
 Kristen was obviously very proud to be the inspiration :)
*The day we decided to take out 26 children's books from the library. Yes, 26...even in college, it's nice to read something other than books for our classes. Admit it, sounds fun..right?

story time!

*The time we decided to pull an all-nighter for absolutely no reason what-so-ever...tonight. (p.s. I do not recommend this at all, sleep is definitely necessary) Music, ordering chinese food, friends...we had to just once!

Me, Galya, & Clare...who was too lazy to get in the picture

So, those are just a few of many..I could continue but then we'd be here all day! The point is, I've loved every minute of my time here at SMC this first semester, and it can only get better! What's in store for next semester? We'll have to wait and see...

For now, two more days of classes and then it's back to the 518 for a week! What's on the schedule for tomorrow today? Classes until 12 and then packing so I won't have to do everything last minute on Tuesday...planning ahead, always a good thing! 

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