Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This weekend (Halloweekend) at SMC was the best Halloween I've ever had, there were two nights to get all dressed up and hang out with friends...and I love Halloween so this was double the fun!

A little recap of my weekend:
Friday afternoon, my friend Galya and I spent 3 hours running all over Church Street to get everything we needed to complete our grecian goddess costumes. We knew exactly what we wanted to get, but the problem was finding where they sold everything; jewelry, white t-shirts, gold ribbon, and gold glitter. After running up and down Church street and going in close to 10 different stores, we had everything we needed and headed back here to put it all together! Oh, and instead of buying fake ivy to put in our hair, we just cut some from the side of our building...(resourceful, right?)

So since the Halloween dance wasn't until the next night, we all got dressed up and danced in the dorm rooms...definitely a successful first night of Halloween.

Most of us in our costumes...grecian goddesses, pirate,
flapper, woody, ballerina, and "ceiling fan!"

On Saturday evening, some of us decided to order chinese food..yum! (And I still have leftovers). This was a great way to start off the second night of Halloween...

After eating way more than I should have, it was time to get ready! I had a last minute change in plans and decided to be a cat for this night- classic and fun! We headed over to the dance a little late but ended up staying until the very end...Halloween round 2: complete!

Twins again! 

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