Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Little Things I've Learned This Week

Hi everyone!

We all know that we go to college to learn...obviously, this is the main reason we're here! However, there are some things that your professors can't teach you...these are things you just have to learn as you go along. So, I thought I'd share a few, (some of both), with you!

5 things I've learned this week...

#1- Dishes will pile up if you don't clean them. 
This is college, it's both stressful and fun, but sometimes there just isn't an opportunity to clean up. So, I'm currently staring at a pile of dishes on my floor. Yes, my floor. I'll definitely be cleaning that up as soon as I'm done writing..

#2- Product placement is present in all types of media.
In my Media Revolutions class, (I'm a journalism major!), Professor Griffith spent last class going over the importance of film as a mass medium. Inevitably, the topic of product placement came, we watched Lady Gaga's music video for Telephone and counted how many branded goods were shown. We came up with 16, and the number is believed to be much higher. Think about it: how many times do you watch a movie and see a Coca-Cola can or a certain brand of car, like in Transformers? I found this so interesting that now I feel as though I'm keeping an extra eye out for it...try counting how many brands you see in the next film you watch! (p.s. product placement = the integration, for a fee, of specific branded products into media content)

#3- Don't forget to put water in your Easy Mac...or any microwavable food for that matter.
Personally, I don't even eat Easy Mac (I'm vegan), but my friend Clare from down the hall somehow forgot to add the water to the container before putting it in the microwave. What happened? Well, the alarms went off and the whole hallway filled with smoke...lesson learned!

#4- Sickness spreads! 
This week basically my entire floor had a cold, even my roommate did for about 3 did I avoid getting it? That I'll never know, but now it's obvious that as soon as one person gets it, almost all of us are going to! Two words- health services.

#5- Coffee is awesome.
This is probably the greatest thing ever created (well not really, but it's still great). Coffee is really one of the only things that keeps me awake and focused for those early 8:40, I like the taste :) If you absolutely can't stand coffee and can't wake up even if someone rolls you out of bed, I suggest afternoon classes.

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  1. aahhheeemm how long have I've been telling you about #5. Even if you didn't take my advice you finally "get it" ;) try putting a packet of hot cocoa in your coffee if you REALLY want a pick me up..