Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My 2012 Bucket List

Hello everyone!

Wow, it's been a while! I'm so glad to be back at St. Mike's, even though it's already gotten insanely busy! So far, we've been through about a week & a half of classes, and I've probably made more library trips than I did in the entire first semester.

...But hey, I'm not complaining, I absolutely love my classes for this semester (Digital Media, History of Rome, Literary Studies: American Family, and Catholic Christianity). As a result of the increased work load, I've recently started the habit of planning out each day on a post-it note to keep myself on schedule and preventing the potential stress of having too much to do with no time left in the day! Getting organized = absolutely necessary. I feel much less flustered when I have a set plan of what to do during the day and when to do it.

Anyways, on a different note..I've been writing down some of my goals/things I'd like to do in 2012, both college related and not. I thought they might be interesting to share, and who knows..maybe it'll create some inspiration for others! (Obviously, I'm an avid planner of all sorts of things...from what my day consists of to what I want to accomplish this year). So, without further delay...

My 2012 "Bucket List"

Raise my GPA. (Study, study, study!)

Travel to another country. Ireland, perhaps?

Participate in at least 5 MOVE events.

Go to one game/match of every sporting event on campus.

Go to the library at least once every day (Besides weekends). I've already been doing this for a week now, it's amazing how much more work I get done.

Host an accepted student. Check!

Join a club.

(Start to) learn a new language. my minor!

Get a job. I guess just a summer job counts.

Be healthier. Working out daily, check! Eating healthy...well, that needs some work still.

Convince an accepted student to come to St. Mike's. That shouldn't be too hard :)

Learn sign language. So actually, I'll learn 2 new languages this year!

Hike a mountain. Maybe in Vermont, with friends? Fun!

Go an entire day without any technology. 

Spend an entire day reading. Being outside on a sunny day would be ideal for this goal!

Participate in a flash mob.

Visit the Harry Potter theme park in Florida. Books & movies, check! Now all that's left is the "real" thing!

Road trip. By road trip I mean a significant distance, like down the coast or even across the country.

Go skydiving...again. Most amazing experience ever...I'm dying to do it again! 

Participate in an Alliot cup drop. Experienced this many times, but never actually dropped my cup!

Ski at Smuggs. I actually just picked up my season pass today, now I just have to use it!

Write an article for The Defender. This seems like a necessary goal for a journalism major, which I'm very anxious to complete!

Win the lottery...well, not really. But I can still dream...

Looks I have a pretty busy year ahead of me! I can't wait to start checking some things off of the list...
Oh, also...check out Sarah's post about her goals for 2012!

*Don't forget about the student Knight Chat TONIGHT (Wednesday, January 25th) from 7:30-9pm! Come talk to current students (including myself), faculty, and staff!! 

& as always, feel free to contact me via Formspring or Twitter!


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