Thursday, November 8, 2012

Class Registration for Spring 2013!

Hey everyone!

Ok, I seriously can't believe I just registered for 2nd semester classes already. Where has the time gone?!

following the meme trend....
but this one isn't accurate for everyone!  :)

I'm very excited about the classes I got into, though. I got 3 of my top choices and then my 4th class was one I planned on taking next year anyways, so it worked out fine! This registration I definitely was luckier than previous petitioning into classes or waiting weeks for a spot to open up? SCORE.

So, my schedule for 2nd semester looks like this:


2nd semester Italian   9:45-10:50


Media Law & Ethics   9:45-11:20
Advanced Writing for Media  11:30-1:05
Global Communication   3:00-4:35

On top of classes, I'll continue to give tours, blog, & write for The Defender for adv writing. For winter break I was lucky enough to be chosen to go to Baltimore, MD for MOVE Extended Service, I plan on applying to be an O-Leader for next fall, and I have to start filling out papers for study abroad next year! SO busy, wish me luck!

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