Tuesday, February 19, 2013

6 SMC Study Spots

Hey guys!

I'm currently sitting in Bergeron trying to get some work done, but I decided to take a little break to fill you in on some of my favorite spots to study/work on campus. For those of you who are current students, I'm sure you'll agree with me on some of them..and for those of you who are prospective students, I hope to see you at some of these spots in the future!

#1 Bergeron lab
Aside from the fact that I'm totally biased since I'm a journalism major, Bergeron is an awesome place to study. I have 3 out of 4 classes in Bergeron, so it's easy to get right out of class and head to the lab to work for a few hours. There are big tables as well as 10 or so computers available for use, not to mention the other lab right down the hall with even more space and computers! Oh, and there's a microwave and fridge, so for those late-night study sessions, you can bring a snack and make yourself at home. (I do this way too often)

My preferred Bergeron lab

#2 Upstairs Alliot
My favorite part about upstairs Alliot, besides the super comfy chairs, is that it's the perfect place to stop and work during busy days. If you're just getting out of class and waiting a half hour for a friend to come meet you for lunch, upstairs Alliot is really convenient. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have class from 9:45-1:05 and then 3:00-4:30, so for that hour break (after eating/talking in the dining hall for about an hour), I always head upstairs to get some work done. Plus, Alliot is much closer to the academic buildings than Alumni, so I don't have to walk as far to class when I'm done working! 

upstairs Alliot

#3 Academic buildings
Typically I'll head over the to academic buildings if I have a big test to study for and know it's going to be a long night. Since the buildings and rooms are unlocked 24/7, you can go in and claim any room you want and basically set up camp for a night. I'll admit, I'm completely guilty of pulling the occasional all-nighter, so when the library closes at 1:00am, the academic buildings are an awesome option. 

Favorite room in St. Ed's!

#4 Children's room in the library
I'm a huge fan of the children's room, probably because I'm such a kid at heart. For those days/nights when the library is necessary, I make it fun by working in the children's room. If you're ever in need of a break from work, what's better than reading your favorite children's book? 

Children's room

#5 Alliot couches
This is lower on my list, mainly because I get distracted very easily. If you like to study/work in a space filled with people, then the Alliot couches are for you. I tend to work here if I don't have much to do, maybe a short reading or something that doesn't require as much focus. My favorite part about this spot is that during the cold winter months, the fireplace is always going and it makes the space feel like home. Plus, Knightstand and the dining hall are just a few steps away, so if you're hungry, it's the most convenient spot!

On the couches in front of the fireplace,
obviously taking a break on Twitter...

#6 The Dailey Room
This room in the library has the most beautiful view of campus, and really really comfy chairs. Only downside? I like to people watch way too much, so this spot, for me, is better for that than actually studying...

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