Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Update

Hey everyone!

Only 2(ish) weeks until heading back to campus! Yay! I'm sure you're all busy getting ready to move back to campus, or move in for the first time..but I thought I'd give a quick little update of my summer over the past month or so.

First, I'll say that I was NOT excited whatsoever for this summer, after being at SMC all year I literally never wanted to leave. (Which is why I'm overly excited to go back!) But there definitely have been some great moments over the past few of them being my recent trip to Ireland with one of my best friends (and roommate) Clare! We were there for 2 weeks at her family's house on the Dingle peninsula & it was absolutely amazing...everything is so beautiful! I definitely plan on going back in the future.

exploring :)
just before an ocean boat tour around the Blasket Islands!

after hiking a mountain!

horseback riding!

So, after getting home and realizing that now I had nothing to do for a few weeks..and desperately needing some time in Burlington..I road tripped up to good ol' Vermont with my cousin for a day for some shopping on Church street! It ended up being a perfect day, despite thunderstorm warnings..obviously it was meant to be :)

Well, I couldn't go up to Burlington without checking out campus (and visiting my friend Emily while I was there!)...and as soon as we pulled into the parking lot behind Ryan hall it literally felt like I had never left..such a weird feeling. The only thing that was different was, well...the WHOLE quad! It looks crazy right now, but I know it'll be beautiful when everything's done! I took some pictures while I was there...

Joyce on the left, Ryan on the right

Walking towards Alliot from the Ryan
parking lot (my cousin Abbey is to the left!)

Looking at where the Alliot circle used to be

Alumni is behind the crane thing (3's field to the left)

So, what's next? I'm heading to Maine on Saturday for the week, and then soon after it'll be time to move back to campus! Ahhhh!!  :)

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