Friday, March 30, 2012

Sophomore Housing!

Hey guys!

It's been a crazy week here at SMC. It seems like I'm always in class or running to a meeting about housing & classes for next year! Tuesday I had a meeting with my advisor to finalize my first choice classes before registering on April 11th...I'm hoping to take 1st Semester Italian, Investigative Reporting, Photojournalism, and Ethics! Then, today was the housing lottery for most of the freshmen...

So, the stress of housing is officially over! My friend Clare and I got in line today at 6:10 to start the process, she had lottery #1124 and I had #1440, so we chose the better number, of course! By 6:30 we were walking upstairs in Alliot to point to the room we wanted, and we decided on Alumni 301!! So excited, AND we got SO lucky because a bunch of our friends got the rooms all around us on the 3rd floor! Here's a picture of Alumni...

...and a virtual tour of Alumni!

Alumni hall is a sophomore dorm on main campus, and the best part is its location! It's right in the freshman quad, behind Lyons and across from Ryan...perfect walking distance from Alliot, the gym, the library...well, basically everything!

As sophomores, we had a lot of great options to choose from on main campus and up on north campus. On main campus we could choose between Founders, Alumni, and the suites for a lucky few...and on north there's Hamel, Purtil, and Linnehan which are only a short shuttle ride away!

For juniors and seniors, there are the suites and townhouses (100s, 200s, 300s, and 400s)! One of my favorite things about St. Mike's is the housing guarantee, meaning that basically ALL students choose to live on campus for all 4 years!

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