Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Counting Down the Days!

Hey guys! So, this is officially my first blog post...YAY! I can't believe move-in day is only 28 days away, it honestly feels like I was just applying to SMC yesterday. The days can't move fast enough though, I'm so excited to move all of my stuff into the dorm (Ryan Hall!), meet new friends, and be a college student! Since I haven't even moved in yet, maybe I should tell you a little about myself...

I'm Juliana (obviously), 17 years old and super pumped to start at St. Mike's! My birthday is September 14th, I have two dogs, Boston and Rome are two of my favorite places, and I love the summer! You might ask why a girl who loves the hustle bustle of big cities decided to come to SMC? Well, I'll tell you.

I made my decision to go to SMC when I visited on accepted students day. The campus was busy with current students, prospective students and parents, and confused little me. I wasn't sure if a school of just under 2,000 undergrad would even be a consideration (it seemed so small), but when I stepped foot on campus I almost instantly knew that this was my school. At any other college, I would get lost in the crowd...but no, not at St. Mike's. We were split into groups to go ask questions and listen to a panel of current students whose stories and advice made me anxious to get home and send in my deposit! The campus was beautiful, every person I met was friendly, and I felt like I was home...seriously, how could anyone not love St. Mike's? I was so happy in my decision that as soon as I got home, I changed my Facebook to say "Studying Journalism at Saint Michael's College," you know, where you can put your college information.

My friends and I after graduating! (I'm 2nd in from the right)
 So here I am! Only 28 days away from move in day, all hyped up on pure excitement. For now, its all excitement, but I know that when it gets closer, I'll be kind of sad to go just like everyone else. My family and friends have always been right here, so the idea of leaving is still a little strange.

On the other hand, I've been lucky enough to attend POW and meet some new friends before even getting to SMC for orientation! POW was seriously one of the best weekends of my life and I recommend it to everyone!!

That's all for now! Look for my next blog post about my POW experience :)


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